Old Homestead Farm Subdivision



Old Homestead Farm Subdivision is the namesake of the Soar homestead (a log cabin) in Platteville, Colorado, which resided on the land for many years.  The cabin had deteriorated over the years, but was still holding its form on the land owned by Gary Ward before it became Old Homestead Farm.

The Soar-Stevens Log Cabin was donated by the Ward family and moved over to the museum in Platteville and restored by the Platteville Historical Society.  Today, the cabin can be toured in the heart of Platteville – minutes from the historic Fort Vasquez, home to a rich history of gold rush travelers and fur traders along the South Platte River.

The Future

The goal of the land renovation in Platteville was to allow people to purchase a home whom otherwise might not have been able to do so. The homes were built by a working man, for the working man, maintaining low prices so that the average working guy could afford to buy a home for his family.

  • 100 sites
  • Single family residence
  • Entry level homes
  • Ranches and two stories
  • Minor customization to the homes